After Care

Your pet will require the following care at home:

  • Close monitoring of demeanour and behaviour
  • Monitoring appetite – should be back to normal in 24 hours
  • Monitoring of suture lines – no redness, discharge or oozing
  • Restricted exercise for 2 weeks (no running, playing or off lead walks)
  • Medicating daily as directed

Please contact myvet Strathfieldsaye on 54395066 for veterinary advice if any of the following are noted:

  • Lethargy or Dullness – particularly after 24 hours
  • Acting distressed or unsettled
  • Vomiting or not eating – particularly after 24 hours
  • Excessive redness or swelling around the surgery site
  • Bleeding or discharge from the wound

Can I feed my pet tonight and how much should I give them?

Your pet has had an anaesthetic today and might feel a little queasy.  Only offer a small amount of food for the first night back at home. Tomorrow you can feed them normally again. If they don’t feel like eating tonight, don’t worry. Try again in the morning.

Caring for the wound

Your pet’s wound has been closed with dissolvable stitches.  These DO NOT need to be removed.  These stitches dissolve within the skin after the wound has healed.  The wound must be kept clean and dry.  Your pet must not be bathed or swim for at least 2 weeks after the surgery. Do not clean the wound with anything and do not apply any creams or ointments. Check your pets wound every day, and observe for swelling, redness, discharge or any bleeding. Ensure the sutures are all still in place and contact myvet Strathfieldsaye on 54395066 if you are worried about how your pets wound looks.

What should I do if my pet licks or chews the wound?

Most pets are not troubled by the dissolvable stitches used.  However, you MUST NOT let your pet lick and chew at their wound. For an additional fee we can fit your pet with an Elizabethan Collar (plastic cone) to stop them from being able to reach the wound. The collar can be taken off when under full supervision at home and most pets will learn to eat, drink and sleep normally after a day or so. A few days of persisting with a collar can reduce the risk of serious self-injury.  If you think your pet will need a plastic cone please let us know at discharge.